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Canopy walk

At Bukit Bangkirai, you can enjoy the tropical rainforest of Borneo through a canopy bridge at a height of 30 metres from the ground!

Canopy walk

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At Bukit Bangkirai, you can enjoy the tropical rainforest of Borneo through a canopy bridge at a height of 30 metres from the ground. The place is named after a high density of Bangkirai trees, that are well known as a tropical hardwood. The canopy bridge is 64 metres in length and connects tropical rainforest trees that are hundreds of years old and reach a height of 40-50 metres. Experience the Borneo giant trees and animals with unique views from an aerial perspective!

Located in Samboja subdistrict – Kutai Kartanegara Regency – East Borneo, Bukit Bengkirai has a wide area of 1,500 hectares. As the name, among Borneo trees, Bengkirai trees are the most trees with 40 – 50 meters high, with the diameter of 2.3 meters and with the age more than 150 years old. This rainforest conservation also has a function for research and education center on forestry. Various animals and plants live in the rainforest. Among the wildlife animals are hundred bird species, long tail monkeys, pig-tailed macaques, owa-owa, lutung, squirrels, and wild deers. Meanwhile among the plants are thousand borneo trees such as ironing wood and bengkirai trees; various type of orchids including the black orchid, a native orchid of Borneo; and the local fruit garden. The growth of “banir” (a roots board, literally) which is big and strong, makes Bengkirai trees look more beautiful and unique.

Consist of 7 lane tracking from 150 meters to 6 km long as the longest for visitors, Bukit Bengkirai offers a safe walk and hiking in the forest. A camping ground is also available with the wide area of 1,000 square meters. The main atraction in Bukit Bengkirai is the Canopy Bridge, where you can feel and enjoy the enchantment of rainforest from the trees top.

The Canopy Bridge is the first hanging bridges in Indonesia, the second in Asia and the eight in the world. The hanging bridges connect to 5 Bengkirai trees at the 30 – 40 meters high and with 64 meters long. To reach the bridge, you have to pass some lane tracking and then climb the stairs.

Just like walking in the air, the bridge offer amazing sensation with a light swinging at the tree top. At the every stop point of connecting bridges, you can stay for a moment and see the fantastic view of Borneo tropical rainforest. Once you climb to the Canopy Bridge, you will forget the fearness as your feeling switch on the awesome for being in the heart of Borneo and lungs of the world.

Bukit Bengkirai is about 58 km or about 1.5 hour drive from the international airtport in Balikpapan. The distance from Tenggarong city is about 150 km. It is located at km 38 Soekarno-Hatta road on the right side from the direction of Balikpapan and is about 7 km long to reach the entrance gate.

The canopy bridge is nearby the Borneo orangutan and sunbear sanctuaries, black river and biking and trekking trails. If you want to enjoy these adventures, why not stay overnight at one of the beautiful lodges at Bukit Bangkirai?


  • The entry fee: IDR 6,000 for adult and IDR 4,000 for children.
  • The parking ticket: IDR 20,000 for bus; IDR 5,000 for car; and IDR 3,000 for motorcyle
  • The bridge pass is IDR 25,000 for local and IDR 75.000 for foreigner


  • Meeting room for up to 100 persons
  • Car park
  • Restaurant
  • Cottages & Guess Houses

What to see and do?

nearby: Canopy walk
  • When you prefer to go by bike instead of by foot, you can rent an all terrain bike (ATB) and explore the rainforest through some exciting biking tracks.
    Biking trails
    Biking trails
  • In the rainforest of Kutai Kartanegara you have beautiful possibilities for bird watching. For example in the wetland areas of Black River in Samboja or the nature reserve of Muara Kaman, upstream the Mahakam.
    Bird watching
    Bird watching
  • In the immediate vicinity of Bukit Bangkirai, you can experience the Borneo jungle by boating the rainforest river of Sungai Hitam. This is the so-called Black River, one of the wetland areas in East Kalimantan.
    Boating black river
    Boating black river
  • Visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival sanctuary. An experience of a lifetime, to get up close with these beautiful primates and find out how they are prepared to return to their natural habitat.
    Borneo Orangutan Survival
    Borneo Orangutan Survival
  • At Bukit Bangkirai, you can enjoy the tropical rainforest of Borneo through a canopy bridge at a height of 30 metres from the ground!
    Canopy walk
    Canopy walk

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