• For wildlife, adventure & culture lovers

Explore the

Borneo jungle
Dance and hunt
like a Dayak
Encounter the
Borneo Orangutans
Spot wildlife on
the Black River
Get face to face
with the proboscis

Kutai Kartanegara

For wildlife, adventure and culture lovers

Kutai Kartanegara is your all-in one destination for wildlife, adventure and traditional culture. The majestic Borneo rainforest with river dolphins, orangutans, proboscis ‘nose’ monkeys, hornbills, Dayak tribes and much more are waiting for you to be explored. So get your experience of a life-time and go boating, biking or jungle trekking and learn Dayak dancing, craft making or hunting skills.

Get Inspired

  • Visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival sanctuary. An experience of a lifetime, to get up close with these beautiful primates and find out how they are prepared to return to their natural habitat.
    Borneo Orangutan Survival
    Borneo Orangutan Survival
  • Visit myborneo Sunbear Sanctuary
    Visit one of the most threatened bear species in the world. You can experience the sunbear, which is native to the tropical rainforest in Borneo, from special viewing platforms.
    Sunbear sanctuary
    Sunbear sanctuary
  • At Bukit Bangkirai, you can enjoy the tropical rainforest of Borneo through a canopy bridge at a height of 30 metres from the ground!
    Canopy walk
    Canopy walk
  • To add to your Borneo adventure, you can go for jungle trekking at Bukit Bangkirai. There are various nature trails available which lead you to the heart of Borneo jungle.
    Jungle trekking
    Jungle trekking
  • When you prefer to go by bike instead of by foot, you can rent an all terrain bike (ATB) and explore the rainforest through some exciting biking tracks.
    Biking trails
    Biking trails

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